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The Riveters is not just a podcast. It's an unfiltered ode to the modern woman. On one hand, we're kicking ass, changing the world, and running things like a boss. On the other hand, we're struggling with some seriously vexing challenges. We think it's time to get real - together - about the good, bad and hilarious that is #ladylife in 2016.

So join us each week as we pour some pinot, get sassy, and talk about stuff like: how to stop saying you're sorry all the time, owning your place at work, becoming an authentic leader (what does that even mean?), how sexism is still a thing, how we really feel about Hillary, and so much more.

You'll get honest answers and practical advice from those who’ve already been there, done that. We promise insider access to some of the most boss women on the planet who have kicked open the doors of opportunity and taken life by the horns, paving the way in careers, life, and love.

So join us. Ask your questions on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and get in on the action.

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Sally Smith

Sally Smith is the Founder and Executive Director of The Nexus Fund, a global organization dedicated to ending mass atrocities by supporting grassroots efforts in at-risk countries and communities.

Buffy Wicks

Buffy Wicks is a political strategist and expert in building and running local and national political and advocacy grassroots campaigns. She proudly worked for President Obama on both campaigns and in the White House.


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